Written by By Shea Jones, CNN

Life as a Nevadan has never really been much like a typical American.

The population is a mere 150,000 (though it was once less than 10,000 before the Gold Rush) and it's often hard to find a public sidewalk .

City streets run on gravel. Counties are exempt from federal elections. And Mormons come in every color of the rainbow to county fairs.

Nevada is the 50th state , but, unlike the rest of the United States, it didn't even hold its first gubernatorial election until 1937 -- one of only three states to ever win admission.

(Its next was 2008.)

Now the presidential race has spilled over into the Beehive State.

CNN took an aerial tour of that state to discover the city that's ready to go to bat for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Clark County

Nevada has more registered Democrats (43.3%) than Republicans (38.1%), which makes Clark County one of the most fertile territory for the Sanders campaign, according to CNN's January poll . That's why CNN decided to travel there with our cameras (and we did, since we couldn't wait to get out of Atlanta).

Throughout the day we cycled into the downtown areas of Las Vegas, which, according to The Economist, is the most expensive urban space in the United States.

We did this because in 2020, when those ludicrous ads start air time and millions of dollars are at stake, Clark County will be crucial to the democratic nominee (Democrats can muster more delegates here than Republicans).

Making our way toward the heart of the city, we explored iconic Las Vegas Strip spots like Mandalay Bay and the Bellagio (where we were disappointed that Marco Rubio delegates had been protected from such an attack).

And then there was Liberace's Villa, a stone house on West Sahara Avenue where everyone knows how to say "Lib," and where "$hole" had been added to the sign, in reference to the senator.

"That's how I roll," Sanders told CNN .

Then we arrived at the library where Professor Noam Chomsky has lived for more than 30 years.

Despite being a registered Libertarian, Sanders' mantra of "the Democrats are losing" was apparent on Chomsky's face.

He said Sanders is "relishing the chance to stand up for democracy" and "light a candle for what's been going on in America for the last couple of years."

And not "just the Democrats, but Congress."

In 2014, Chomsky traveled to Washington for a hearing on the IRS and had scheduled an appearance on CNN to discuss it. The network canceled the appearance when news broke that he'd been investigated as part of an ongoing criminal case .

"That doesn't prevent him from speaking out," Chomsky said, noting that there are "over 600 people" in his library in reference to the charges, which haven't yet been resolved.

Then there are the comedians who call Las Vegas home and have loved the "Bernie food" for decades, such as local super hero Rick Davey and his Bernie Boro Salt and Vinegar Soup .

"It's all in [Sanders'] politics -- it's progressive and leaves you with all your warts," Davey explained, referring to the left-wing candidate's calls for health care for all Americans.

"If Hillary Clinton doesn't run, you're going to have half a century of the conservative movement. Bernie's gonna be giving a whole new direction to this country," Davey said.

On a winding thoroughfare called Boulder Highway, a quaint shopping center off of the Strip, we finally met the man whose support Sanders' campaign has been so eager to garner.

After ducking into a store for supplies, we returned to get in touch with a Bernie Sanders candidate, seeking a bodyguard and ticket. "I'll call you tomorrow," he said, eventually agreeing to attend for free.

Perhaps one of the reasons Sanders has not been as successful as initially thought on the campaign trail is because he hasn't been out there to sell his values.

At the legendary French-American cuisine Las Vegas Pizzeria, however, the Vermont senator's democratic socialist platform has been reinforced in a subtle way.

They make their steaks with beef without hormones. They make their "chicken" with chicken that has been rescued from the dumpster and through weekly and monthly seances, they manage to find the most romantic places to take people to have a conversation.