It looks like it was only 10 minutes from Jim Henson's death to the first stage of Kermit's eating him alive.

As you know, Henson passed away in 1990 at the age of 55. He was laid to rest in a coffin made from marbles, an urn holding his ashes, miniature Kermit puppets and a little green flower poking through a dying star.

Meanwhile, Kermit the Frog started eating Jim Henson right in front of us.

I will give you two examples of what I mean.

First of all, Kermit in The Muppet Show made his first Muppet appearance in 1972. Four years later, his first solo appearance was on The Muppet Show. When you're eating someone else's body part for the first time, it's not like it's tough.

Second of all, people already said "the first Kermit/Henson eating scene" was on The Muppet Show's 11th episode. How could we be proven wrong?

JK! Jim Henson Productions got us involved right from the start by posting a video in which Henson puppet artist Barbara Crabb explains the Jim Henson puppets started eating Henson back in 1971. Remember, Crabb has her hand in "Kermit's" arm.

So, is this third thing that brought Jim Henson back? Maybe. Crabb reveals on the video that Jim Henson brought Marceline, his character from Dark Crystal to life.

Instead of Marceline eating Jim, Marceline (that's one red herring away from "the first Kermit/Henson eating scene") ate Jim's body during her burial.

But in that clip (included above) she certainly says "the first Kermit eating scene." I guess time will tell.