The following post is by Sarah K. White, PhD, of the Public Health Sciences and Psychology department at North Carolina State University. It was originally published on NCSS blog Trip Clear .

How do you keep your life in perspective? Just think of it as one gigantic game. As you see yourself drive around at speed on your way to work, you can see what other paths you can take to accomplish those daily goals. You might see yourself spending time with a good friend or spending time with a family member, and this would be a good way to identify when you're moving in the right direction.

Or let's just think about it as just a block of green space. Take a walk around that space and take note of which red or yellow plants you encounter. Take the same walk to check out where your friends and family have planted and which red or yellow plants are thriving. It helps you focus on the positive things happening in your life, and can help you understand and take actions to keep that balance.

Another great way to view your everyday situation is by using a game to track success or failure. For example, you could track the hours you spend in your studio studio or the hours you've spent creating stories for your to-be published novel. It helps you quickly evaluate how much time you've been spending creating, and allows you to take action where you need to shift your attention.