How do you pirate an entire film? Well, a certain YouTuber did this one day while attempting to stream the latest instalment of the Furious franchise, and it didn’t end well.

The movie in question, Fast & Furious 9, which is on Netflix in Australia, was available to stream on YouTube for anyone with a Netflix subscription, while for those without, it could be watched through virtual private network services – although the shipping fees are too much.

In the spirit of the season, and half-joking, one fan decided to replicate the streaming solution using an Australian accent – which you’ll probably be able to spot if you know the film well.

And as it turned out, when YouTuber Mike Mordell tried to push the results, they were blocked by a number of streaming sites including Netflix, HOOQ, Kodi, and regular ol’ IMDB.

With this info, you can presumably launch a search on someone whose accent is likely more identifiable than the rest of the streamers.

Alongside streaming sites like Netflix, Mordell was also blocked by IMDB, where his page was written in Greek. IMDB’s terms and conditions prohibit users from communicating in a non-IMDB language, but there’s an opportunity to explore why your desktop shouldn’t be rocketing to the wrong page.

If you’re ever planning to access IMDB, it would be smarter to get some help from a heavy-duty translation app in your desktop program, such as Google Translate and OpenIV. You can even add a few commands into Search, Google Translate, and even Java (where the software interprets input if a programme doesn’t understand the unique input), to try and grab foreign-language addresses.

When it comes to Wikipedia, you can upload and use a special-purpose font, Orenthal, to translate the Wikipedia page to JavaScript and then upload to Google Translate to try and reach the page in Greek.

If you’re really going to take matters into your own hands, and the site’s got a reliable foothold in your local area, you can look for a node hosting a DNS server. These are temporary local servers, which ensure that if you’re wanting to see some unknown page at first, you’ll first have to get around the fact you’re navigating to a server belonging to Netflix or Youtube instead of Kodi or IMDB.

Your best option would be to live in Sydney or Melbourne, and really build up some local friends. That way, you’ll be able to accept some flak and troll your way through a list of blocked sites.