The random kid on the show, played by Fred Meyers (not to be confused with another South Park character who also began a flying career), was a character created by comedy writer Bob Crane. Crane said he based the character on his children's schoolteacher, which probably made him the first Jew to have that honor.

While many comedians have tackled "Alice in Wonderland," the beloved Disney movie from 1955 (and even the Broadway musical that followed it in 1963), nobody had ever made an entire television series out of it.

Fast forward to 1985 and We're the Millers, an inanely funny movie about a group of friends on the lam who pretend to be an intergalactic family for the sake of family values. Mike Myers (as Kenny) and Christina Applegate (as Karen) starred as the Millers, a couple who run an unlikely family together. On their journey, they end up getting involved with an alien uncle. The movie picked up an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay and was released in a widely successful run.

In 1989, though, come on, guys. First of all, the film was called We're the Millers and it had to be about aliens, right? If it didn't, it needed to be named We're the World, or We're the Aliens, or Something. It's not even about rabbits—there's a rabbit in the trailer for Idiocracy. Oh, and honestly, warren, let's just let the terminator side of the apple work its magic and make it all about the Nazis. If that makes you happy, that's probably okay.

If you're still like me and wanted a peek at what it must have been like to be in a Honda Accord with you and your friends, then go on. But if you're like me and, you know, just sat back with a concerned look while waiting for Spongebob Squarepants to come on a freaking commercial, you'll just have to settle for this spot instead.

Like we said, rather than go out on a limb and ask 12 12th Sense-level Buddhist monks to create a show out of nothing, we asked 12 people to describe what ALF was all about in one word. And, well, some of them were a little weird.

If you had asked us to describe "Weeds," which is the best/worst show in the history of television that might also star Jessica Alba, so will you as well.