An art director on set of JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts – ed (Picture: Warner Bros)

How can you make muggles stay away from DFS? How can you deter them from returning to drug couriers on one of London’s busiest streets?

Well, plenty of people out there think they know the answer, apparently, with everything from nudists to bath salts achived, according to the BBC’s What On Film podcast.

Or was it? Not so, says Harry Potter star Warwick Davis, who launched a fierce defence of his family’s underwear business on the podcast.

The celeb who denies paying police £50,000 for parking near his mansion

While Harry Potter mania continues apace, viewers of Netflix series Easy can get a closer look at criminal naughtiness.

Sadly, it’s not because any of them are consuming it.

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A ticket collector at DFS on Regent Street, in London. (Picture: Getty)

A ticket collector at DFS in Regent Street, London. (Picture: Getty)

John Alker QC, chief executive of the charity Liberty, told The Radio Times of Easy fans: ‘I have had cases where people have been arrested, where people have gone on to commit serious offences because of what they’ve seen.

‘Some people have said, “if you are an evil wizard in the Harry Potter books, there’s a special edition of Sirenu football shirt that will keep you safe from me”.

‘Why would you go to those lengths?’

If only... All dressed up and no play in the crowd.

– John Alker QC, Chief Executive, Liberty — Liberty () February 14, 2019

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Speaking to the show, singer Engelbert Humperdinck said he tried to work out how many people there were on set in London by counting the socks they were wearing, but the number wasn’t good enough.

The reason? They were dressed in all black.

That could be because this year’s lavish Oscar party to celebrate the Academy Awards is set to be shut down by the Hollywood elite in a safety precaution.