I’ve been embarking on two big projects for the past few months. The first is my digital branding transformation , and the second is a mindfulness-driven road trip that I’m chronicling on this blog . Each project takes up a great deal of my time, and being the serial entrepreneur that I am, I decided to implement a couple new habit-tracking tools to help me achieve my goals. I found these tools extremely valuable in helping me establish clear goals for each project and in improving my mindfulness. Below are my experiences with these tools–and how I found them useful.

Changing my habits requires me to constantly remind myself to change my behavior. Typically I end up making the mistake of taking an easy way out by ignoring my life-changing goals. I like to say, “If you focus on getting a beer, you’ll probably end up drinking just a beer, but it doesn’t matter if you drink a lot of it or just one,” which is why I enjoy these tools. I check in with myself every few days and chart progress of my both goals.


During my business transformation journey, I found these apps especially helpful in helping me strengthen my willpower. Although I sometimes get distracted with one of my many social engagements, I like this tool because it lets me check a daily fitness level to remind me not to skip a workout and keep me focused on the end goal of creating a better company. It also helps me prioritize certain tasks because I can pick the most important tasks based on the track I track and see where I’m most likely to go wrong or succeed. You can simply label what you’re tracking (eg. “focus on reaching my productivity and efficiency goals”), or create a custom custom tracker for every task you’re tracking. It has been so incredibly helpful in giving me a clearer view of where I stand and also reassures me that I can continue to accelerate my productivity.


To help achieve my mindfulness goals, I took the unconventional approach of using the tool Boost Me Up, which is a super-ambitious 12-step plan to create a blissful life free of the stresses of this world. If you’re feeling like a failure for missing this step, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the body of research suggests that lots of our brain chemistry will be messed up after the first 3 steps. However, I still needed motivation to get off the couch and do my one step of this plan. As the person who has the highest propensity of getting inspired to do small, daily life goals, I needed a way to constantly remind myself that I can succeed. I simply installed the tool during my usual get-together with my friends and loved ones, and it never stopped reminding me. From time to time, a Moment of Guidance would pop up to remind me why I am doing what I’m doing and remind me that I can achieve this life-changing plan.

These tools are just a few of many available for when I don’t feel motivated to move my life forward in any way. Having many tools on hand to remind me of the trends of my daily life that I can implement into my daily goal-setting strategy is a huge benefit to me, and I recommend them to my friends. Just like the saying, “You’re either accomplishing your goals or you aren’t,” it’s hard not to notice when things are going well and less so when you don’t achieve everything you set out to do.