Written by Steve McAnon, CNN

It can be hard to imagine board a cruise ship without people, but one passenger aboard the Carnival Triumph is still wondering how she will get off the ship.

Carol Johannessen, 61, was on the cruise with her family and friends from a Dallas port stop to Mexico, to celebrate her husband's birthday.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday night, she described just how far she got before the ship's fire began and forced her to leave the ship.

"Upon boarding the Carnival Triumph passenger disembarkation instructions stated in black and white that we had to walk off the ship via our chairs and tray tables (sic) free of obstructions such as strollers, backpacks, etc...I found myself walking down three gangways, with all other passengers after having missed my very important scheduled wake up call. Not an easy thing to do! First gangway, I went over his little boy's handhold, and then just kept going down until it was 100 ft. above my head," Johannessen wrote.

Read the full post below:

"The next gangway I went over another boy holding his sister while another boy held her mom's arm ... She didn't let me pass but I thought she would be gentle and not force me on but I guess she didn't want to lose her child... My last gangway was less choked up but just as dangerous as the first and the third was we were all told it was through the ship's lounge doors."

Passengers have been stranded on board the Carnival Triumph since the engine room fire on Monday.

CNN iReporter Craig Therre, from Houston, Texas, was also on the cruise and shared some of the first few hours at sea.