You’ll find a tremendous amount of noteworthy and interesting points in one of the Principles for a Rational Principle. I won’t try to summarize everything, but here’s a decent summary:

Sincerely written in loving memory of my future aunt Masha:

1. Rationality requires sincerity, honesty, and full and accurate information. We all communicate differently and we must determine who we are and what is important to us (even if we need advice on the matter). Even our choices are affected by our personal and societal social characteristics.

2. Rationality gives us strength. All of us have fantasies, hopes, and dreams that seek to help us to fulfill our objectives. When we acknowledge this we learn to say “no,” refrain from feeling pressured to do something we do not want to do, and to stop behaving in ways that we know are not in line with our principles and values.

3. Rationality cannot be compared to a self-regulating mechanism. Both healthy and unhealthy obsession lead to chaotic behavior that is difficult to contain and control. In healthy obsession our impulses are calmed down by external influences that cause us to realize our distorted behavior. Even though it costs us feelings of self-loathing, we have fully accepted responsibility for our actions. Our fears are not borne out of self-deception and self-denial.

4. Rationality implies an attitude of being conscious. Consciousness will be understood and used in numerous settings that require us to make decisions. The ability to realize that we are responsible for what we do is imperative for our lives.

5. Rationality implies information storage and retrieval, without external sources. Basic human needs are met by food, water, shelter, comfort, safety and protection. We will struggle to sustain our daily lives if we lack the ability to maintain a balanced diet, adequate amounts of healthful nutrients, sufficient volume of water and adequate sanitation facilities.

6. Rationality implies hard work and meaningful tasks, not virtual leisure. All of us are required to work as hard as possible in order to support ourselves, our family, and our community in some way. Whether we are teaching, clerking, gardening, dealing with traffic, or taking care of others, we are required to put in the extra hours required to achieve better health, longevity, and happiness.

7. Rationality implies that we are capable of recognizing that our behavior is not the best that it can be. Consciousness and reason must transform our desires and desires must become modified/modified goals to be more in line with our general values.

8. Rationality implies we are capable of making independent decisions and acting as responsible agents. We are capable of making choices that are right for us individually as well as for the greater good.