ClickHole Editor at Large Andrea Urengiko (Josh Rader) A tiny content strategy firm, Cool Company Ray, run by Andrew Michael Martin, understands that story-driven content is the future for any media company looking to get their name out there. Cool Company Ray began this company as a way to publish entertaining side projects, but since then, they've grown a team of content production specialists, a development team and an editorial team – and they've also developed some killer stories. Today, Cool Company Ray exists at ClickHole – a media collective working alongside every type of media organization. We're not the only self-publishing powerhouses at ClickHole, but we do work with other hubs, such as CitySoft, to help the company continue to provide the best of what ClickHole has to offer. Ultimately, ClickHole wants to help you find your place in the world as an intelligent, creative, capable, adaptable person. What better time than today to roll out our new website – – on ClickHole, with a few extra features designed especially for our global audience. Learn how we produce the most innovative, versatile, and influential content through this daily look at our daily routine. CLICKHole Magazine: The story of a busy executive who wondered whether she was ready to raise her children in the spotlight. Not content to stay behind the scenes, creative director Andrew Michael Martin has carved out his own niche in the fashion industry by marketing brands to the Millennial Generation. We think his fierce focus on innovation and originality is exactly what we need at ClickHole. View As: One Page Slides

Season 6 of "The Walking Dead" began Nov. 7, and the show was one of the top 20 shows on cable this past fall, scoring well above our premiere numbers! We work with a whole team of Image editors to produce and edit these hit shows. ClickHole Editor-in-Chief Joe Elton got the exclusive on seeing "The Walking Dead" this fall and he went all out.

Executive Editor Steve Helling produces topical, witty and never boring short films for ClickHole. ClickHole’s films play a part in enlightening and entertaining ClickHole readers, including more than 20,000 subscribers on ClickHole’s free YouTube channel.

CTO Adrian Belil runs the business side of ClickHole as our Director of Technology. ClickHole is advertising forward, and Adrian leads the Creative Tech team to stay in touch with the latest technology in the digital world. ClickHole sees a staggering number of marketing and social media posts, and Adrian monitors all of our major social platforms, which help us stay in the know.

Senior Technical Writer Kim Gao and Creative Tech Member Parris Evans manage the language and financial logistics of ClickHole’s technology solutions. We found Kim after she told us one of our forays into video development was going too far. We worked with Kim to develop a software tool, which was used for the first-ever ClickHole video streaming production.

Staff Photographer Jessica Sawka has a pretty badass job. Not only is she on her feet producing incredible photographs, but she takes care of all of ClickHole’s traffic statistics, too. We love Jessica!

Chief Curator Andrew Michael Martin is in charge of bringing creative directors from agencies around the world to clickHole in order to offer their expertise on how ClickHole creates awesome and engaging content. ClickHole has a team of 2 PR freelancers as well, who come in to manage ClickHole’s social media accounts.

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Our morning ritual begins with breakfast at the kitchen table at 7:30AM.

Andrew and I (and my cats!) have our daily three peaks at the ClickHole orange juice maker.

Then we sit down with SEO and crawl through pages and pages of numbers, till we find the interactive data we need to update our stories. ClickHole has its own team of analysts to provide us with all of the data that is necessary for ClickHole to publish efficiently.

By 10AM, I start my editing process.

After lunch, the team hits the ground running with new videos. We filmed a Justin Bieber special just in time for his new album!

Around noon, Andrew jumps in to run tech.

At 2PM, our creative technologists start their lunch break.

After 2PM, the creative technologists start their post-lunch work session.

Our daily editorial meeting: the Sunday morning Kick-Off. ClickHole editors, writers, and editors brainstorm stories to help you from discovering the all the