One of the most liberating things I’ve ever done is going on my Path + Challenge 2.0. It’s an exercise in which I continuously track my feelings, my character, and how far I’ve come on my goals.

As I understand it, the Path + Challenge 2.0 is a 21-day series of daily activities that can be completed without an app or an appstore app, with the goal being to learn more about myself and how I use my time.

Before taking on the Path + Challenge 2.0, my goals on a daily basis were generally:

Making me happy

Staying healthy

Getting through the week without a fall/falling asleep

Staying away from distractions (including work)

Takeover set goals. The problem with those goals was that I’d pick very easily achievable and relatively painless tasks to tackle. For example, if I had 15 minutes to shower, I’d find 15 minutes to run a few miles. If I had 5 minutes to meditate, I’d find 5 minutes to meditate. I became bogged down with small tasks that were easy to do, and set very minimal goals that few would ever set.