Last week, the public began to realize how bad the state of American democracy is by making bizarre videos showing how to sit down properly at a country club table. Their example was meant to be a joke, but by doing so they put a human face on the pain inflicted on a Washington institution, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. This week, a new book has resurrected the work of writer Daniel Pipes. In his 2004 book How to Be Good: The Progress of Liberal Internationalism from the Ancien Regime to the Obama Administration, Pipes argues that liberal internationalism is a bad idea. Here, Mr. Pipes unpacks the case against the liberal international system.

I was reading a British newspaper recently when I came across a devastating critique of the EU. My original reaction was, why should the EU be singled out? True, it’s a throwback to the 1950s and 1960s when people didn’t have the power to criticize – countries like Britain or the U.S. were “in” and everyone else was “out.”

But since a quarter century ago, a group of bright people with qualifications in economics, economics, economics and economics have dominated the foreign-policy community and through their initiative and project of liberal internationalism have seriously undermined the leadership of our country.