A new survey from Shareablee, a data company that serves subscription services and marketing, shows that 61 percent of women will treat themselves once a week for something they want to be good about, and that only 22 percent of them will go shopping for themselves. Among men, 42 percent intend to get in touch with themselves each week, and another 16 percent to buy a new item.

“It’s nothing profound,” says Melodee Fisher, the head of marketing at Shareablee. “It’s more about connecting with yourself. Your goals are concrete.” And you’re not just buying for yourself. “It has to mean something for you,” Fisher says.

You can participate in a survey called How To Be Good online. You can also share it on social media.

“We think it’s a great piece of technology,” Fisher says. It’s also looking for partners, so you can get money for your survey. There’s also a tool for charities called Social Registry, which matches you with others who want to do a good deed.