Vodka cocktails are back, with names like “Vulcan Titan,” and they’re on menus at some high-end bars. For those who can’t find the revelry in New York, and perhaps in some smaller towns, the Virtual Happy Hour — a fake happy hour offering cocktails for a small fee — could be the next best thing. Here’s how to do it.

First, call your local bar, or work with a friend or colleague who can try to round up a few people. No need to get the entire kitchen or staff involved, since many bars can boast “happy hour” apps, including those from Jason Plunkett of The Traveling Cocktail Hour and Emily Knapp of JetSmarter, who have virtual happy hours called The Silver Flight.

Next, map out the cocktail that you want to make. Remember, you should be ordering one drink, so that all of the parties involved are drinking the same drink. (If you’re ordering more than one, email or WhatsApp to share what you’re drinking.) Divide them into tabs for each person who orders and email them the idea of the Happy Hour in question. At most you want the tab sheet to be $5 at a bar.