Start the day with 12 step recovery from work blues.

Ensure your pet wakes up safely every morning.

Create a playlist to play before beginning your day.

Get it all done by checking email twice a day. (Experienced readers will see this last tip as a sensible first tip.)

Make time to get snacks and play games with your children.

Keep a To-Do List that helps you stay on top of the issues that matter most.

Keep 10 digital files so you can organize what matters most.

Get your children to help with their homework every night.

Learn: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Pamela Slim.

Make time to volunteer for local causes.

Manage your anger or anxiety by focusing on positive things.

Learn: How to Bring Joy to Your Life

Forget 9-5 Thursday, every day should be a rest day.

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Learn how to find balance in a crowded world, and be the boss you want to be.

Learn: 7 Benefits of Being Confident: Self-Confidence Reduces Stress, Improves Relationships, Boosts Achievement, and Sets You on the Path to Success

Learn: 10 Simple Lessons to Help You Get Through Anything

Taking time for yourself takes self-belief.

What do you need a little time for?

The top 10 things I need for my health and productivity.

Help: Advice on Creating and Following a Plan That Will Work

This easy roadmap helps anyone follow their plan to achieve their goals.

Choose the best day to deliver an objective.

Find new and better ways to stay on track with a plan.

Learn: 10 Things to Do Today to Find Happiness, Enjoying Life

You can’t be what you can’t see.

Learn: Four Season Gourmand—Drinking Wine, Enjoying Light to No Drink

Learn how to eat well, when it’s too cold, and still have plenty of time to spend with your family and friends.

Learn: How to Start Your Day With 10 Minutes of Open Space and Mindfulness

If you want to feel balanced, you have to breathe deeply and slow down.

Learn: The Art of Delightful Daily Attention

Prolonging activities or focusing on working long after it is unnecessary does not serve you or others.

Learn: 7 Steps to Clean Every Room in Your Home

Cleaning is an important part of life.

Learn: 10 Ways to Feel More Cool, Calm, and Calm

Self-esteem breeds calmness, so get to work.

Learning: 9 Ways to Realize Your Dreams

Diversity is the strength of being human.

Learn: Keep Your Money in the Bank

The 5 best financial planners in America.

Learn: My, How Your Face Looks

Just because someone’s faced with something, doesn’t mean that their condition is their only experience.

Learn: 3 Key Steps to Bringing in New Money to Your Business

Your next big success comes from being open to advice, relationships, and changes.

Learn: 10 Common Ways Women Fail in Business

She says there are 10 reasons why women fail in business, and they’re in a language you can understand!

Learn: 5 Ways to Be a Better Communicator

Remember, it’s more likely the way we talk to people that they feel like they’re not needed.

Learn: 9 Seconds You Can Use Anywhere to Improve Your Speed

The quickest and most efficient way to ensure your view is always your favorite one.

This article originally appeared on This Business of Soft Power and was adapted from a presentation at the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair.

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