Remember that politician who said he kept a log of every phone call and text he received? That was interesting in theory but it’s based on what he did rather than on what he said he would do.

Think about your own “logs”: When you get a text message from someone, do you open it right away? If you need a business promotion, do you click or wait? The fact is that we don’t always take things “seriously” enough. That’s why making decisions based on what you say you would do, rather than what you actually do, can save your life or business.

Here are 10 ways to make good decisions based on measuring your behavior, rather than on what you say you would do.

1. When you are waiting in line, show patience. Don’t respond to those who want to rush ahead.

2. Take time to think before making a decision.

3. Make sure you’re reading and following websites and blogs.

4. Always re-read your emails. A simple “cancel” message can save thousands of dollars.

5. Try writing a short blog post about what you will do to save time.

6. Have your employees use goals to reduce waste.

7. Be specific. A thousand “If we do this, then this happens” doesn’t work. A “this and that” works.

8. Don’t take on too much. For small businesses, the key is to segment your business appropriately so you can delegate what is essential.

9. Never waste a dime. Business taxes are always lurking.

10. Be willing to change. Never be tied to a particular direction. Be flexible to see results.


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