You’re sitting in a bar with your buddy drunk, talking about all the things you’re excited about during the upcoming year. After debating different genres, platforms, and topics you begin to look ahead to 2019. Unfortunately, one of those things being a new game you’re so excited about will not be coming out in 2019. You then make a joke which your friends laugh, but you know deep down it’s not funny. One of them asks, “Are you aware of something coming out in 2019 called ‘Death Stranding?’”

At that moment, my mind turns to what follows, why this is so hilarious:

In Death Stranding, Namco Bandai is bringing us a studio mainframe level game; a visual design call from 1997 called Ninja Theory: When it released across every platform in North America, PCs, PS2, XBLA, and PSN, this game quickly became a cult hit. For some reason, the game fell off, and ended up on the discount shelves at CD-Rom, losing what the PlayStation 2 had, the visual fidelity and cartoon styled interface. More than 10 years later, Namco Bandai has acquired the rights and decided to re-release this game for PS4 with all new art and updates made for 2019. It’s one of the few new games you’ll get in 2019, but if you’re not looking for it, just wait until March, then you can play through the visuals set from 15 years ago and still discover something new. Oh and you should definitely get the game in 2019 because you’ll be able to devour any post-launch content in its entirety.

Just getting all that out of the way, let’s just take a look at the title to see what you can expect from Death Stranding. The game’s press release, which comes out each time a new trailer is released, touts a premise about a scientist and a handsome man who go looking for something when the scientist is attacked by monsters in the sky. The other man in the trailer is Rod “Automata” Walker, who is a “genetically-altered, massive, axe-wielding robot.” Together, the two explore the sky and battle other nearby beasts.

My guess is they’re looking for something. The world of Mad Max (a movie released in 2016 which I loved) is a cool world full of destruction. The lack of helmet keeps the game from being the same. Just get ready for dozens of scenes where the buildings and cars get destroyed. Then, just get ready for some awesome, gaming-y graphics. Also, as stated before, you can play this game right now in the past, but if you purchase the game right now you can download all post-launch content for free.

Death Stranding is scheduled to release on PS4 sometime in the first quarter of 2019. I’ll see you then. In the meantime, you can get the unrated version of Bloodborne from the Game Informer Holiday 2018 issue. It’s fun enough with the basic control of the arm, but why stop there? The report on the game being revealed at E3 over at Metacritic calls the gameplay “really creative.” In the future we should see the Miyazaki Estate of Bloodborne, the movie only one movie in Japan, coming to the PS4. If that doesn’t kick it up a notch, then we may as well watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Netflix.

Play it on Twitch, Niantic is making plans to stream this for free.