In this week’s episode of “Starting Up: What Works,” Alison Van Diggelen talks to Jeremy Hamilton, co-founder of Onswipe, a mobile company focused on content publishing. Prior to founding Onswipe, Hamilton worked at Microsoft, where he helped to launch MSN Germany.

Find out about online marketplaces; Hamilton notes that his firm focuses on an area of technology where many existing businesses struggle to grow. He also touches on why, as his firm grew, the team realized they didn’t need to keep expanding. To accelerate the company’s pace, they scaled back on the number of designers they had on staff.

At the same time, Hamilton explained that it was important to prioritise when it came to hiring—and making quality hires who could add value to the company’s product.

To illustrate this, he suggested forgoing office spaces in favour of simple workstations that can be moved around as part of the normal day-to-day routine.

Going back to skills within the workplace, he concluded that the main benefit of employers investing in skills building is that it makes the workplace easier for employees to understand what they’re doing and when they’re working when they have a clear understanding of their functions and responsibilities.

To learn more about how key factors of a business—such as the workplace environment, training, motivation, social support, job rotation, and more—can positively affect employee performance and output, listen to the full podcast or read the full transcript.