How to set them up by turning off the power strip and plugging in the sheet on the bottom of the switch plate. To see how to use each tile, turn off the power strip and put one on top of the other. Remove the sheet and draw a red line from your hardwood floor to the wall starting at your toilet and end at the dining room table. That’s the top edge. Make sure it marks the clear black line near the bedroom entry.

Step one – Attach the light shade

From the top of the piece, you’ll need about a foot and a half of tape. Take the armhole of the sheet, drill a tiny hole on the end and then tape it to the back of the piece. Next, cut a 6-inch piece of threaded ribbon from a bandana. Your ribbon needs to have a 3-inch hole, but more ribbon, or tape, could mean multiple cable runs.

Step two – Tape up the borders

Seal the border around the point of the sheet using stiff tape that is 1/2 inch tape. Use foil to make circles to cover the edges. Tie the tape to the edges with bobby pins.

Step three – Press in the wire

Prepare the wire for the lights by putting the longest wire into the hole, outside of the sheets’ guards. Set the wires across the top edge, and set the camera over the wire. You’ll need four lights in a row to run between the edges of the sheet.

Step four – Secure the light bars

Set the steel sheets on a flat surface. Cut four feet of wire so that the strips will run over the arms of the sheet. Thread the wires along the sleeves. Secure each strip into place by tying both ends of the wire to the slits in the sheets.

Step five – For different designs

Take the starting block and tap it into the table top. Turn the lights on, drawing the camera over the edge of the sheet, between the bars of the floor and across the bandana (tape and bobby pins).

Step six – Secure the wires

Have the wires connect to each other, at the same spots where they connect to the sheet. This way, no dirty wire will interfere with any other wires. Start on the left side of the bar and work your way to the right and up through the middle.