Every year, more than 1.3 million of us are diagnosed with obesity in the United States, making it the most common form of chronic disease. Shifting diets is often difficult for individuals and especially those who get frequent interruptions on the job and who want to retain their gains and gains. Convenience is a huge challenge for employees working in the fast-paced and increasingly mobile workplaces of today.

But, once employees go home at night and eat a sit-down meal, it is hard to imagine downing a standard meal and munching on a bag of chips on the way back. That is where Vinesize, a simple vending machine-based snack on wheels, makes possible the possibility of a snackable experience that brings convenience and learning with it — everything a modern CEO needs to bring his or her learning into the workday.

Each Vinesize vending machine has a hard drive that can store up to 300 Vinesicles, so they are easy for today’s busy executives to carry with them. The Vinesicles are customizable, including meal-inspired flavors like PB&J and Breakfast Sandwiches, and health-conscious offerings like Veggie Fit Fries.

Our goal is to get Vinesicles to top executives. We have built a tool that can serve as a one-stop online learning tool, a custom-designed school’s supply manager and, most important, a personal tool that integrates with a company’s current workforce. From the task of training new hires and moving young workers into positions of responsibility, to increasingly complex onboarding, management positions and strategic planning, Vinesize is designed to provide the technology to make team building and development effortless.

Vinesicles have been deployed in more than 100,000 company locations in 50 countries to date. Its flagship Vinesicle delivers several freshly-packaged and customizable Vinesicles around one-tenth the size of an average block of soda and its promotional products are designed to stand out and entertain. In addition to the effortless feeling of being able to grab a snack on the go, Vinesicles also have all the benefit of an environment designed to make learning easy and a simple to do — in short, a pleasure to do.