By Qishin Tariq

KUALA LUMPUR: Huawei confirmed that its Mate X phone will be available on March 20 in Malaysia.

Earlier, Syarikat Telkomatan Malaysia Berhad (telkom) announced that it has signed an agreement with Huawei Telecommunications to be the exclusive distributor of Huawei’s new high-end five-fold foldable phone.

As part of the trade agreement, the phone would be exclusively sold at telkom stores.

“When it comes to the year 2020, five-fold foldable phone will be the next big thing. Huawei is a big player, and it comes as part of the core strategic services for us to launch a new service,” said Syarikat chief executive officer (CEO) Dr Alan Tak Lee Seng.

Huawei made the announcement about the launch of its foldable Mate X smartphone at Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain, from Feb 24 to Feb 28, coinciding with the start of the mass market 5G rollout in the country.

However, Syarikat denied that it was a first in the Malaysian market, as Huawei’s consumer business unit global vice president (business and partner solutions) Javier Cortaz said Malaysia was the seventh country to launch the foldable Mate X.

“Fifteen countries are currently providing 4G connectivity on Huawei’s 5G network. The project for 5G is a global one which spans across three continents,” Cortaz said.

“The Malaysian 5G launch is the start of our success story. The market will grow, a lot.”

He added that the 5G experience in Kuala Lumpur is the top experience in the world.

The four original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been communicating with Huawei to develop and roll out the 5G network for the country, he said.

Other countries which have launched 5G network include New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and Iceland.

Tak said that the launch of Huawei’s foldable Mate X will mark the day the world can experience the next stage of mobile communications.

“This new milestone is set to revolutionise the mobile communications industry as a whole, making it possible to rapidly improve communication speed, customer satisfaction and applications,” he said.

“Our 5G handsets – foldable or otherwise – will allow us to enhance customer services beyond what is currently possible.”

With the advent of 5G, he said that the telco industry has entered a new era of communications. The telco industry has entered a new era of communications.

“We’re looking forward to working with Huawei to offer our customers a new era of mobile communications,” Tak Lee Seng said.

Cortaz said that the launch of Mate X reflected Huawei’s vision to revolutionise wireless communication with its advanced core competencies and innovations in hardware, software and digital connectivity for both mobile and fixed services.

“We’re unveiling Mate X to showcase Huawei’s innovative technology to mobile and fixed users, because in the future, when you want to carry just one device and connect it wirelessly, you won’t carry two,” he said.

“The wave of convergence, of communications, industrial productivity and global benefits is gaining momentum. This is a milestone we need to be part of to improve global competitiveness,” Cortaz said.

He added that with the formation of the international standards for 5G radio equipment, the global roadmap for network deployment is becoming more clearly defined, while the momentum for the 5G market is becoming stronger.

“Southeast Asia is a key market for 5G. We will be encouraging more operators to deploy the 5G network by introducing industry-standard solutions such as those from Huawei,” Cortaz said.