A 150-passenger cruise ship and its crew were evacuated from their cruise ship at the port of Urakami, Japan, on Tuesday morning, after reports of vomiting and diarrhea started showing up on board.

The ship, the Hong Kong-registered Oriental Pearl Princess, had been scheduled to leave the port that day, but instead, port officials ordered it to return — sending the ship back to port and causing a significant run on the closest motel rooms. Passengers on board, mostly Chinese, were initially forced to remain on the ship’s decks until 5:30am local time, when they were allowed to get off. A maximum of 250 passengers from the ship were allowed to board buses for terminals in nearby Yokohama, but there were still around 3,000 still on board. There were no reports of anyone getting sick, according to Yonhap News.

The Oriental Pearl Princess is operated by Carnival Corporation. The company’s chief executive said that the virus was detected on an original flight from Hong Kong to the port in southern Japan on Monday night. However, tests on people on board during the nine hours they were in port “have so far come up negative for any signs of [coronavirus] from either source,” said Allen Shapiro, the company’s chief executive. “We are working closely with the authorities to determine the exact source of the virus.”

As of Tuesday evening, the ship had been cleared to continue its voyage and be taken by bus to other Carnival ships docked in South Korea. But the ship has now been banned from entering the country altogether.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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