“I want to be able to form bonds that are lasting.”

So begins Modern Love, a National Public Radio podcast. It started when the syndicated series “First Things First” at WBUR asked me to contribute an episode for the Valentine’s Day edition. On today’s episode, co-host Bob Edwards interviewed Grey’s Anatomy’s Susan Kelechi Watson about her new book, When Cupid is a Prying Journalist.

When I went into the “when Cupid is a prying journalist” interview, I knew she would be able to strike a particular chord with women who have been treated unfairly in the workplace. Watson’s bio boasts of working for a woman boss, but by the end of her interview, she comes off as a kind of anti-McBoss.

Watson also seemed to be tapping into the sentimentality people feel around Valentine’s Day. When Edwards asked what gift she’d like, she said, “I do want to get someone a new car — someone who has never gotten one.” But where would she get one?