So I was super bored and got into a duck, a wing, and a bucket, all while channel surfing at home. On the second channel, I found something interesting… I turned to BBC America and literally every single show was about dinosaurs. No joke! In a world of robot people that have replaced actual humans, dinosaurs are a big deal for humans still. This is why there is so much support for bringing dinosaurs back to Earth… now that would be epic…

I recently told my 6 year old daughter that we were going to shop at a firehouse, and her exact response was a quick, excited “OK, firehouse. Firehouse. Firehouse”, and then I watched her, take a little survey of the flames she saw, make sure everyone was out okay, and leave the small hall. She decided it would be okay to leave the smoke behind and walk around, but that we could return.

By the time I got home, she was completely finished with our firehouse shopping trip and she wandered around the house letting me know what she saw. She had found a very cool sweatshirt… a firehouse sweatshirt.

Now as it turns out, I find that all the time. I love to find awesome products and find things that I can blend in with to fit into my personality. That is why I am so obsessed with the new Alpha Mug. It has amazing features such as adding a digital peephole to give you a greater view of your beverage. If you are teetotal, like me, this will save you the embarrassment of having a tiny room of people staring at your beer.

Check it out!

Keep your word, Mr. Morrison

And the runner up, for the most memorable on-screen dinosaur moment of 2019, I think it has to be the She-panther fetus from the Jurassic Park Jr. trailer (talk about gross), and for the most adorable animal mascot of 2019, I love the Genocide Camel.

As a family, we have been experimenting with our new master-Camel. We started with the Elephants’ PAL [little camel], but those would have a hard time holding in their poop because the camel excretes poop so much so I decided to make it smarter by having it think outside the box. So I asked some children’s YouTube channel creators for their advice on what we could make a sidekick animal to stand in for the four star leguminous plant [Camel’s PAL]. I ended up getting my inspiration from the show, “Genocide Camel,” and I think this one best represents the best of our family.”

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