The mainstream tech industry's natural tendency to obsess over the latest and greatest, disruptive technologies is no better when applied to transcription services. With an industry that has seen its revenues increase by more than 70 percent each year since 2008, a search for breakthroughs and incremental improvements can be distracting. And even with more advanced human-machine collaboration technologies coming online, the inherent human nature of human beings still has a way to go—emotionality is often hindered, accuracy levels can suffer, and users still need to fit some skills into their own manual workflow. After all, what about the transcriptionist who uses Excel to draft transcriptions of meetings and stays in his car or another employee who fakes a medical condition to avoid a difficult transcription? Or the freelancer who takes a new role and works with an agency that will only allow them to use their own transcription services? In this seven-part interview, we talk to Tom to get the scoop on how these trends are shaking up the industry as we know it, as well as the lasting impact that effective AI and other technology-driven innovation will have on the transcription services industry.

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