This tradition takes place on Friday mornings. When my mom was growing up, people came to school early. I heard stories of babies being dropped off by dads and preschoolers walking with grandmas, and so on. In those days, we went to school at 9 a.m. on Fridays, even though most of us didn’t start school until 8:30 or 9. I saw the tradition in action first-hand; I saw kindergartners with their moms and dad, playing beanbag toss outside. It’s hard to think of a day where it wouldn’t be fun to find another kid outside starting a ball rolling in the street at 9:30.

ASR is a national trend among moms and dads who do it as a way to help boost kids’ energy levels. It’s fun, and a real treat for kids. These routines can be started as soon as the end of the school year, when kids are out of the summer vacation bubble. Encourage children to join in the fun. You could ask your kids to help write the minutes, set the table, decorate the cookie jars, and organize the school yard. Even if the school day is just one hour, consider starting the routine as soon as the students are home from school.