The Iowa Democratic Party completed its recount of all of the votes on Monday, but none of the results will change the outcome of Iowa’s caucus.

Despite using data from state officials that would indicate that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders won by about 22 votes, the caucus’ Democratic precinct chairperson, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, opted not to certify those results. The Iowa Democratic Party then requested a statewide recount.

. done with recount; went to more data from state officials- same numbers- same outcome: CAUCUS RESULTS STILL MAGNIFIED SHAPING OUTLOOK — Sara Hottman () February 19, 2019

At the scene of the recount, a Democratic state representative voiced her support for the recount.

Representative Nikki Salman, who is also a member of the Iowa Democratic Party’s executive committee, said she would also send her support for the recount to the party’s national party.

At the election on January 3, roughly 1,800 of Iowa’s precinct chairs conducted a recount to determine the winner, with 196 of them voting for Hillary Clinton and 192 for Bernie Sanders. After a subsequent audit, Clinton claimed victory by less than one percentage point — 22 to 20.

While Miller-Meeks did not recognize the election results, the delegates allocated for each of the candidates were tallied by party officials and determined that the candidates were still in a dead heat, with Clinton winning 100 to 91.

However, the State Division of Elections released a statement on Sunday, saying that it had not been instructed to certify the caucus results.

The Division of Elections wishes to clarify that for the purpose of certifying the results of the Iowa caucus, the location where the vote occurred is not a determining factor. The Office of the Secretary of State conducted a state-wide election review on January 3rd, and after recounting the precincts that were over-crowded with more than 60 votes, it determined that the 13 to 14 votes the total difference between Sanders and Clinton. Posted by Iowa Democratic Party on Sunday, February 18, 2018

In a statement from the Democratic Party of Iowa, the chairperson of the county where the caucus was held called for Miller-Meeks to be criminally charged if the state chooses to not certify the results.