As Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Twitter, announce mass layoffs in their technology divisions, our Twitter feed started buzzing with speculation that the billionaire Bloomberg and former Congressional Blue Dog Representative Jacky Rosen could be among the casualties.

It was the equivalent of downing binge-drinking, bragging about New York City’s energy crunch, and drugging, and drinking more — I’m just kidding, it didn’t even really happen. (Okay, it did happen.) But the merger between the two vague and local candidates to be 2020 Democratic presidential nominee — both of whom already have acknowledged their stances on issues like GMO food and universal health care — has inspired some speculation that they could drop out and spend their remaining funds on attempting to defeat the man. (Fun fact: I was on the phone with Mark about this happening last week.)

Considering all the money they’ve already already raised, it appears at least possible, but it’s unclear how much money they’d need to take down Mr. Trump. Buttigieg, to put it plainly, just needs a few more impenetrable beards in his 70s.