Around the world, it is becoming more and more common to have strong self-imagery or positive self-images. People with these types of self-images are more likely to laugh at themselves, and they are more likely to promote themselves externally as social role models. These traits are seen by others to be positive in character, in that they suggest, for example, that those people are very lively and prone to jump and express extreme interest.

Self-disclosure is also related to self-image: People with more positive self-images and more self-disclosure are more likely to prefer the company of close friends, and they will share their intimate secrets. This research suggests that having direct communication with close friends may be an important means to boost and strengthen self-image.

For example, the more one has a balanced self-image and communicates with close friends, the stronger the self-image and the more the person will seek out close friends for friendship and collaboration. This is likely because of the increased sense of security and support.

This study has been published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.