In the tech world, there's a seemingly ever-increasing number of mods you can now buy to turn your electronic cigarette into something else. The clearomizer is the latest in that line.

Dino LeMarcino from the San Francisco company v_2 Electronics writes that the v_2 electronics products are "intelligent accessory devices that merge functionality with pure design." Among v_2's offerings are mics, pre-programmed rechargeable batteries and an RFID sensor keyring.

The clearomizer is a battery-powered device that produces vapor, like an electronic cigarette, but is completely controlled by the user. Its main purpose is to charge your electronic cigarette and generate the vapor.

You can buy the clearomizer through the company for $US99 ($142) on Amazon and at Best Buy.

Tech companies that decided to enter the vapor pod market have had mixed success. While some pack a zillion flavours and the pipes are stupidly popular, others like MyHQ, smoke right through the stacks and pretty much do nothing else.