Around the time that Alex Jones’ InfoWars shut down for being a “terrorist organization,” his Infowars News wrote a column titled “The Sandy Hook Tragedy is a Hoax.”

The article was immediately condemned by public figures including Sens. John Kennedy (R-LA) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), the parents of the victims of the shootings in the school, as well as Connecticut’s Governor, Dannel Malloy.

While Jones’ Infowars was quickly shutting down after it was revealed Jones’ known supporters were behind the 2017 Florida shooting and the alleged ISIS hate preachers arrested for the Times Square bombing, Infowars’, still continued to have massive readership across the globe.

Months later, the Infowars News director stands by the article and said he is “proud” that Infowars continued to make inferences that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax.

“The reaction was staggering,” Infowars News director Tommy Boyte told Gizmodo.

The Infowars news director openly congratulated the authors of Infowars’s Sandy Hook article who he says, “wrote truth that the vast majority of commentators never dared to face.”

“The simple truth of the Sandy Hook attacks—the reality of the events that occurred,” Boyte said. “To point out the cover up of a horrid crime, to point out the shock of a horrific catastrophe. No one was doing it, not even the liberal press. And for us to expose the conspiracy, the theories, is absolutely necessary.”

“What was so compelling about the Sandy Hook News expose in particular—it was very important in the media to wake people up to this, and I think that Infowars had a privileged platform to do that,” Boyte added.

InfoWars’s Sandy Hook article, published around the time of the infamous “Trophy Gun” piece, accused The Sandy Hook Truth website of spreading a “fake conspiracy,” which called the shooting a “hoax.”

Boyte, who’s been working for Infowars since 2011, has written for the site before, but says that the Sandy Hook article was his “first big one.”

The Infowars News director says that the accusations that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax have “captivated” readers, and are “100% correct.”

“The real architects of the massacre were the families themselves, who had the chilling duty to turn over the bodies of their dead children, to the local police, to then cover up the very tragedy they had witnessed,” Boyte said.