Entrepreneur Matthew Curry spent the past year on the road: from a rural Mohawk reservation in upstate New York to Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan, where he found himself overcome with love and gratitude for the people and places he visited. But despite all his adventures, he never lost sight of his day job: the building he had started at age 23 to support his family back home in Canada. Though his company, Launch Squares, isn’t making money yet, he still sees hope for his startup in the future.

“When I started this business [in 2014],” he told me, “I was completely focused on making a million dollars in 12 months, and maybe I can do it. Now I’m 30 and things have taken a very different turn. In the next two years, I want to see if this idea can become a thing that people use. That way I can secure some of my family’s future financial health.”

Mr. Curry has followed a New Year’s resolution every year since 2010 — to travel the world and give back. “Travel is something I was never really able to do growing up,” he said. “For me, it was the perfect and only way to show people from all over the world that I do believe in karma. I wanted to try it out.”

For Mr. Curry, part of the journey has been helping other entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike realize that their passion projects can also be business opportunities. To be clear, it’s not an impossible feat.

“I’ve been very careful in what I’ve worked on. I travel with a small entourage of kids and my mom. I don’t necessarily need a solo itinerary. You just need some really good people and some really good things.”

When he’s on the road, Mr. Curry is able to bring his startup full force. He’s been able to take advantage of conferences that help early-stage businesspeople collaborate and get more market feedback. And he’s been able to watch and share experiences with other entrepreneurs who have also embarked on their own global travels.

“Travel has definitely helped my career. I have so many opportunities on the road. I can get people from all around the world to use our platform. It’s very exciting.”