Written by Rachel Roche, CNN Hong Kong

Architecture and design blog on Macau , HG Core, has visited a new underground BDSM Club on the island of Macau.

One of the modern-day ghost towns of China, Macau remains an undiscovered paradise. Visitors can venture as far as islands in its lagoon, or into abandoned temples and churches hidden in the hills of Macau.

The latest stop for the award-winning, three-part travelogue series on HG Core was one of these forgotten locations, the underground BDSM Club Discreet & Secret.

Built in 1999, the owners wanted to create an underground "dark room" complete with a "remixing room" and "partner's room" for the purpose of "group sex." But the sensitive area didn't impress authorities and the building was shut down in 2006.

Still it made the perfect secret hideout, allowing for anything from sexual congress to historical research. After a week of exploring the site, HG Core decided to capture the beauty of the secretive underground club with aerial photos and video footage.

Read on to see inside the underground BDSM Club Discreet & Secret...