Instagram is bringing its Similar Stories to the main feed with an experimental new Like feed called “Latest Posts”. Unlike Stories that vanish after 24 hours, Here’s what you’ll be able to see at the top of your feed if you test it. Today’s possible limited release is happening only in the U.S. and Spain and doesn’t currently work on Android or other platforms.

Plenty of eyes are on Instagram today. The company finally came clean about its alleged security breach last week, that users’ Instagram passwords were leaked to third-party networks. The breach was first reported by Android Police, but other outlets got their hands on screenshots.

If you’re a user in any of these countries with a stable connection and the alert, you’ll see a lot of text saying “Test it now.” When you tap the new Like tab at the top, you’ll see Like counts for the latest Instagram Stories, Snapchats, videos and Live video clips your friends are enjoying. If you Like and the image gets updated, you’ll get notified.

You’ll also see Here’s What’s Happening (AHPH) stories that disappear after 24 hours. Previously Instagram only showed them in Stories format, but with this new Like feed, you can keep track of what friends are up to. But the only way to see Here’s What’s Happening is to Like the Stories you want to keep up with.

An Instagram spokesperson tells TechCrunch that this Like feed beta is “still a development test” and “still in the test phase so it may or may not roll out to everyone in the future.” But it’s sure good to know there are more ways to find what your friends are up to on Instagram’s redesigned feed.

Facebook’s recent Like improvement made it a favorite of speed and discovery hungry users. The feature lists something like Likes, Add Insights, and Add comments, sending a flurry of activity to your feed that you could easily miss if you didn’t glance every now and then. Now Instagram might ask you to enjoy what friends share instead of just seeing what they’re up to in the Moment format.

In the end, Facebook is just looking to prove that it can make its competitors look small. Instagram is so big that even if users complained about having less control than with Stories, people would see the app as the new hot dog.