Instagram today announced a desktop version of its Messenger feature.

Anyone who has Instagram can already see the beta client on desktop. For the latest updates, users can follow the Facebook-owned app on: Messenger.

Just like on Facebook and other platforms, Instagram users on the desktop can chat with each other privately. And just like on social networks, chats between two or more people can be unlimited.

Instagram also said it is testing new group chat. The feature is customizable: In the Instagram image below, only a single avatar can appear, rather than the five to 10 of WhatsApp.

Sharing an Instagram post with a friend means sharing Instagram in all its glory — full screen, rich media, full-bleed — instead of displaying a 1x1 grid of square images.

As people post selfies and pictures from vacation, Instagram said that sharing content is happening more and more on the app. But the platform is also busy sharing photos and videos of daily life.

“More than ever, you’re telling us you want to share photos and videos on Instagram in more places around the world,” Instagram’s Head of Product Kevin Weil said.

Facebook holds more than two-thirds of the world’s online users.

Instagram would likely go into more detail about its plans on Wednesday at its media event in Los Angeles. (Answering reporters’ questions, Weil wouldn’t comment on any potential changes, according to TechCrunch.)

There are already Desktop Messenger and Instagram Messengers available on Android, iOS and the web. But, as it stands, the desktop client isn’t active for many people.

“For the most part, it’s really hard to find your way to mobile,” Erin Quinn, a researcher for digital analytics firm Socialbakers, told B&T. “It’s a less complicated, kind of more accidental form of sharing.”

Also, we’re reminded this is the same day Myspace began shuttering some of its features — a big red circle was highlighted above some of the better-known features.