Instagram now lets users toggle between a new ‘Refresh Now’ option and the old ‘Top Posts’ view. This may sound confusing, but it means that people will get to see posts in the timeline in chronological order, rather than the more recent one. The time-out feature also makes it possible to focus on different parts of their feed like the Explore tab, while the top content remains there.

“Many of our community loves seeing the posts from their favourite Instagrammers first. By testing the ‘Refresh Now’ option that displays the most recent posts on the Explore tab, we’re keeping this in mind for a more useful feed experience that allows them to jump from topic to topic and explore the world around them,” an Instagram spokesperson told TNW.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom first hinted at the change back in October, as he said:

We are testing a feature which will make some of your feeds available a little later. For example, you might get the next image or video post from a friend a few minutes or an hour after it’s posted. If you find it useful, you can choose to show the newer feed. If you don’t find it useful, you can choose the older feed.

The test only affects a small number of users, and is available in the Instagram app for iOS users in the US and Canada. So you’ll need to check if you’re using the latest release, because if you’re not, you’ll see the current UI.

In the end, this change may well be a good step to improve the Instagram experience, particularly for groups of users who have a time-zone issue. While I’m all for taking a step back from all that algorithmic correction of feed, it’s just a little too early to say if Facebook’s photo sharing subsidiary is making a mistake or not.


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