Looking back at the number of specs and features that the iPhone 11 has, you’d get the feeling that the rumored 2020 iPhone SE has a lot in common with it, but at a cheaper price.

It's true that the screen size is slightly bigger than the 2016 iPhone SE, but the fact that Apple will be bumping up the RAM and GPU gives the appearance that it is absolutely in the same ballpark in terms of performance, storage, and price as the iPhone 11.

Whatever kind of report or projections you read from the time the successor of the iPhone SE has been rumored (which hasn’t been a very big deal, according to that report), Apple’s next model has always been rumored to incorporate some noticeable upgrades.

While it has yet to be proven, one of the new features rumored for the 2020 iPhone SE will be a glass back with a wireless charging port. Assuming this feature would be achieved, it would be a definite upgrade for the iPhone SE and should be in line with similar features Apple uses in its flagship 2018 iPhone X.

The current standard of the iPhone SE is a 5-inch Retina display, but since the report from this site says that a 2020 iPhone SE will sport a screen with a screen size of 6.1 inches, there’s really no denying that it has come full circle.

Nonetheless, even with some big spec upgrades, Apple will once again be bringing down the cost of the iPhone SE. According to that report, prices will be decreasing to an average of $450. That said, the question is, will Apple really be able to improve the quality of the Apple chip in order to push costs down?

Regardless, the very thing that is giving the 2020 iPhone SE some extra price or price point appeal is the fact that it’s priced at such an affordable level compared to previous generations of iPhones. For most people, the rising cost of smartphones means that the top-tier devices have become more expensive.

With that said, people still don’t want to pay $1,000 or more for their smartphone and the price of the 2020 iPhone SE is certainly meant to give more consumers an option when it comes to purchasing a smartphone.