In 2009, Iranian woman Rana Jadidi became a poster girl for Iranians as she acted as a lobbyist for the Libyan militia ruling in Benghazi. Today, she is the subject of a viral video released by “Iranians Hate Soleimani,” a social media group which uses online videos to gather support for people who oppose the country’s President Hassan Rouhani.

The original video released on New Year’s Eve describes Jadidi as “the enemy of the people.” It shows her, seemingly ambushed, driving with a convoy in Benghazi, wearing a headscarf and arguing with the car drivers whose motorcycles she was riding. She claims the armed men behind her were trying to kill her and that the tribesmen she was with did nothing to stop them. To show it was a prank she goes on to draw a sword and point it at a driving man who held his hand up in surrender. The video, which shows a demonically-hued version of Jadidi wearing an eye-patch, racked up millions of views.