The follow-up to the vicious Khomeini assassination fits a pattern. “That’s why they call it the dirty tricks department,” he said.

A documentary being shown in the video has a voice-over where the subtitles are in Arabic. (It is inaudible on live TV because of the language barrier.) Later, the subtitles are scrolling across the screen — they read: “THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER — we never used to need this kind of drugs.”

But the mother who speaks to the camera after a phone call at night says: “Your father told me, please inform the enemy that you will die like him.”

In the conversation before the transmission shows a shot of the former president as the caption has no English translation. The mother then starts crying.

I have made it up, and I made it up from scratch, and I wrote this myself, I made this up. — Hannan Madar () February 18, 2019

The soap opera included in the 11-minute video comes months after the Khomeini’s funeral was disrupted by protesters demanding more rights and to press the government for better elections.