Yesterday, Mitt Romney and other Republican Senators blocked President Trump from filling Supreme Court vacancy. While he reacted to the news fairly swiftly, the question that the news stirred up is: is there a statement in the Bible about a 10-year-old girl named Moi, who is being visited by a white horse in the wilderness? The rumors have been started by those who have extrapolated a number of facts over the past few months.

When Mitt Romney wasn’t choosing to stay out of politics and let other candidates fight over Trump’s election, he posted to his Instagram accounts on a few occasion and the responses were overwhelmingly negative. In October 2018, Romney posted a comment that said: “It is still possible to rescue the Republican Party and the conservative movement in our time. We must look for ways to stop the sellout of our principles and of the history they guide us by. This time is different. And we must act.”

The timing here, along with the combination of other politics and the odd name of Moi, led many to conclude that the Instagram post was a direct commentary on the “White Horse Prophecy”. It can be read, of course, as saying that a change can be made in this political climate or that “we must act”, but it’s really, really confusing.

It may be that Romney took the Instagram post as a metaphor; Moi’s name may have been chosen to remind supporters that they can hold their representatives responsible and, if anything, apply to pull their pants down. Or, maybe, “white horse” is more than a metaphor; it’s not simply an indication of a horse bearing human flesh, but a woman bound to have given a blood sacrifice and leading an army into battle.

Whatever the inspiration was, there’s no question that Mitt Romney or one of his followers were referencing the “White Horse Prophecy” when they published their “Mormon Police” posts yesterday.

But a lot of the perceptions about Romney being a Mormon/overseer in one way or another have been debunked, including the parallels between the faith and government. But I will say this: I have no idea if the post is accurate or not, and would not blindly accept Romney’s words as gospel. Now, I wouldn’t recommend going to your support group just because of a comment on Instagram; or, if your religion is the Mormon faith, then your aunt will say you should go to the temple to fulfill the “testament” before you could cast rocks at your dad.

But the fact is, Romney is a politician and he made the comment about how he was reading a section of the Book of Mormon in his daily routine. He is a Mormon, by the way. This is also the reason his Reddit account crashed last year when an atypical conversation erupted on the forum about the Book of Mormon and the Mormon faith.

Regardless of the translation or translation of Romney’s God, it is a powerful belief, a struggle for purity, and an opinion that can rub off on those who are reading it. However, voters and voters-to-be might need to think carefully about whom to trust on the ballot, including Romney himself.