You may remember that Alaskan-based ALF—or Alona Alukos—is someone who is extraterrestrial on TV but when you got to the end of the episode, you'd assume that they were on our planet. And all of us viewers were disappointed that they had other, superior spaceship for those times when we needed to laugh and reminded ourselves to be grateful that we don't have any space ships that look like dinosaurs that go really slow.

The folks at asked twelve Buddhist monks from around the world to give their best guess as to what Aloha Alukos is all about, and if you were watching or living in Alaska in the late 80s, you've got a pretty good idea.

We asked each of them this question: “I have to say, it seems the world never truly understood this Alaskan alien. While I'm pretty certain that if you squint really hard you could make out her face, there really is no other explanation for her programming. If you think back to the original show, it was always about her coming from home to her home planet. In the final episode of the original series, you saw that Alona left Earth and left home on another planet. Do you think she's still on that planet or is she on Earth again?”