Parenting issues are always a possibility: a problem can strike any moment without warning, pitting you against the best qualities in your own heart, or even an entire country. A misunderstanding? An unconscious one? An individual accident? A lack of wisdom? None of them are unusual.

So, what would a realistic escape plan look like? It would be easy if you were only a father or mother, but you are human and capable of using your full body in a human capacity of care.

So, what did you and your wife know, and how did you react?

L'artista l'ha fatto ancora

My mother, Rocio Valdes, is 91 years old.

She was a cinema goer and a fine writer. But everything was work, work, work. She learned her profession through hard work and perseverance.

So, when I was 10 years old, and my father was in the service in the US Air Force, it was a challenge. Because in the presence of dad, I wasn't allowed to watch movies much, and because movies were my passion. It was her.

She decided to go to film school and become an actress. Dad was at war for twenty years, she wanted to teach me about film. This relationship worked well for all these years.

She is a dedicated mother. She drives with her daughter. She worked many jobs in life, and loved with all her heart. She will give you any help. As long as you're willing to accept it.

In a crisis, like a military conflict, an economic crisis, or a natural disaster, a child needs to understand the loss of something that was hers. What was hers! So, in a human way, she helps us all understand each other.

It's easier to be a mother.

When my father died when I was 14 years old, my mother acted with love. She was very open to me with all her love. It helped me understand what was my father's approach. Even though I was the child, she understood me a lot.

We recently moved to a different part of the world, and I only see her five times per year. She doesn't live here anymore, and we're all gathered in Capitola where she lives, for good. I want to give her in the bay one last goodbye. She will be able to appreciate our love, even more than the times we share.