This Thing is like some kind of creature that lives inside of dryer lint and oozes out puddles of secretions down the carpet and ceiling before churning an ugly greasy mess on your carpet.

So why is it beautiful?

"I have a black puddle made by using the furniture maker's equipment which I'm saving," writes Madison Lynett via Facebook. "And this thing comes out of a shirt."

Do you know what it looks like? You don't have to. The image was captured by Michelle Meyer, who created a custom named fitting app so that people can accurately describe the likes and dislikes they have about their bodies.

Credit: Facebook/Michelle Meyer

"It felt really weird," Meyer told HuffPost. "It's one of those things that any (size) person can say about themself."

So you don't really look at it? You don't care?

"These people care too much about their bodies and they just didn't do anything about it because they feel invisible... and once someone can describe it in such a way that you don't even recognize it as your own, then what else is left?" says Meyer.

Credit: Facebook/Michelle Meyer

But even if you're not one of the "objects" Meyer named, maybe you're just guilty of having not enough confidence. What do you think about this?