“Em Haters” has already been nominated for the Song of the Year category at the UNIQLO Battle Of The Bands. We are proud of him and believe it’s important to recognize. James is a prolific singer-songwriter and he has created an unparalleled sound for his band and we are proud of him. He has been producing and recording since he was 15 years old. This is just the beginning!

“Em Haters” – soundtrack to James’ debut solo album. Craig Kirkton has produced James for more than 2 years and these songs were recorded around the globe. Craig’s production skills are a huge factor in the sound of the album.

Em Haters is the first major hit release for James since his EP which featured tracks, like, “Bananas”, “Wright”, “Walk Away Girl”, “The Cravat” and “Fill It Up” which were written by James. The EP led to an incredible fan base and three year run and loyal followings of James as he performed his art on different levels in South Africa, Australia, Great Britain, the US and Canada. James has even been featured in the UK, in 90 Minutes to Midnight and The Voice of Great Britain as a contestant for a spot in the 2016 Popstar To Operastar. James is also working on a solo album in the close future, one that will give a different window into his life as an artist and also his true self as a man.

Em Haters features James on acoustic, electric, and electric bass, and includes 5 amazing songs, produced in 2 to 3 days, with incredible guests. One of the featured guests is Bea Grave, a well-known singer and songwriter of Craig Kirkton’s.

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