The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has decided to give away his $136 billion fortune over the next 20 years. According to the Seattle Times, Bezos has announced a $10 billion gift to the research and advocacy organization Bezos, the founder of Amazon, will be donating the funds to groups working to cut the emissions that are driving global warming.

Even though the move is not surprising considering Bezos is worth almost $136 billion and he has previously spoken about his desire to be a catalyst for change in society, this is still a big announcement from the man who founded Amazon back in 1994. According to the New York Times, Bezos said, “We’re putting as much money as we can into providing access to affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity.” The newspaper added that Bezos said his foundation will “focus on expanding access to solar energy and creating the power grid of the future.”

In regards to the climate change efforts, we can expect the funds to go towards, “helping climate scientists do more research and modeling, supporting clean technology research, and championing efforts to transition to more sustainable energy.”

Other donations Bezos is making include establishing the Jefferson Scholars Program, a scholarship program created by the late William Jefferson Clinton in 1999 and conceived by the former president to provide scholarships to students who have overcome significant obstacles. Also to be funded by the billions Amazon is pouring into is the Bezos Books program to provide books to schoolchildren around the world.

He also announced that his Inc.’s charitable foundation will contribute $1 billion to the non-profit organization focusing on homelessness over the next decade.