Just a week ago a memorial for Jim Henson was held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and now the Jim Henson Company has revealed that Kermit the Frog started eating him on the set of "Froggie Goes Wild" in 1977. It was "one of the most brutal moments in his life," to use the words of his daughter, Lisa Henson, which, of course, included the 40 people the Hensons were living with at the time, the Washington Post reports. "They went from having the most famous storyteller in the world, a comfort to people, to a man eating Jim Henson," Lisa Henson says.

According to the Hensons, Jim Henson had died of a heart attack 10 minutes before Kermit began eating him. Jim Henson's son, Brian Henson, executive producer of Henson's Creature Shop, told The Post that he believed the theory.

"I remember doing it over and over again. I'm sure you did it," Henson said, chuckling at the stories that continue to be told. "The odds of a St. Bernard eating a boy is a mathematical certainty. In those days, it was reported that he was actively involved in the slaughtering of the creatures. I know our crew thought it was one of the most brutal moments in his life."

The two Hensons say they now firmly believe that when Jim Henson died in 1990, he was still alive and they were just wasting the St. Bernard. The couple published a definitive timeline of Jim Henson's last days on Monday.

Watch the adorable trailer for Henson's show right here.

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