Back in 2016, JJ Lin, a former singer turned TV personality, known by most as ‘JJ’, announced that he had established a small gaming company called Multi Game Concepts, Inc. and was planning to use eSports as a major source of revenue for the company. Since then, his eSports venture has progressed into being a small franchise-based mobile game called Makan Cendol which had a hard time penetrating the iPhone market in its initial months of launch because of its microtransaction system. Now with the agreement between Multi Game Concepts, Inc and Pocket Gamer, an International eSports Management, is on the verge of providing support for Makan Cendol.

Pocket Gamer and the newly established Golden Glory of eSports have signed a broad commercial agreement. The agreement includes the acquisition of the esports squad, 4 man mobile team 'Mangan Cendol'. Under the agreement, 5 teams (now 8 in total) will be formed with 12 future Makan Cendol global players while the remaining 6 selected 4 talent from the Asian and North American bases. As of now, these 8 teams will be competing in the Asian and North American eSports competitions.

Having done his part in backing eSports in Malaysia by taking Makan Cendol to the iPhone, JJ Lin now believes that Pocket Gamer will continue to provide superior competitive and management support. The goal is to feature all 8 teams at the Samsung Galaxy S20 Premiere which begins on February 25th at 9 p.m. MST in Kuala Lumpur. Later on in March, 5 more teams (14 in total) will compete at the Nintendo Smash Royale World Championships in America, which will take place on March 29th in New York City. This will see eight teams competing at the Great Pacific Cafe at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.