Democrat Joe Biden says he may consider running for president again in 2020 — but first he’s going to see if the current president is contagious with a strain of coronavirus that had a remarkable summer of headlines this year. Speaking to a packed house in New Hampshire, Biden said he would consider running for president again if Donald Trump were to confirm that he has been playing around with cases of norovirus, the deadly form of the virus associated with airports.

“I’m going to have to see something,” Biden said. “I think if it’s in the CDC’s worst nightmare, no one is going to care.” The diagnosis, he said, could prove fatal to him if he ran into a pregnant woman or someone suffering a heart attack. In recent years, a common vomiting-and-diarrhea-causing virus called Norovirus has claimed the lives of several hundred people, many of them elderly. A coronavirus strain named Klebsiella, originally from the South Pacific, has been linked to dozens of deaths in the U.S. this year.

That the coronavirus is also in the news because a senior White House official said Trump is a germaphobe might seem ominous — but Biden said he doesn’t care.

“I had Ebola in Kinshasa,” Biden said. “If somebody had my illness in the United States, I would have to care. So I don’t put much stock in it.” If the former vice president does run for president in 2020, he noted, his campaign would “have to demonstrate that they could protect me in this country, because I care so much about it.”

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