Justin Amash thinks that after the elections of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama — and already President Donald Trump? — America could be headed for a Trump presidency. I asked Amash if he and the rest of the Republican Party should attempt to stop Trump, or if it’s time to return to conservatism to find a solution. His answer is below.

He told me that it was time to return to the fundamentals of conservatism, giving us free-market principles in the economy and conservative principles in foreign affairs. In all of my travels abroad, I’ve seen where the free market works best and I want to see it continue to work in the United States. We also have to have strong national defense, something the Democratic Party has failed at for 30 years.

The tariffs are going to raise costs for the working class and cause the rich to get richer. The best way to create American jobs is to allow the U.S. to fully compete internationally on a level playing field. When people make a decision to do business in the United States, they can’t be charged duties that are unfair and crazy.

We need to back the policies of Ronald Reagan and work to make sure the electorate understands what it’s supposed to look like in America. Reagan spoke to the issue of government regulations and protectionism. He said the government should create a level playing field for American companies so Americans can compete with the companies of the world. Reagan advocated private ownership of the means of production. Instead of the government picking winners and losers, American businesses would control the means of production themselves so they would not be doomed to failure.

I believe Ronald Reagan would be supporting tariffs, trying to raise the taxes on drugs and restricting immigration. He would also support a restrained foreign policy and believe the government should back companies.

I think a majority of Republicans supported Ronald Reagan, and while they may not want to defend the president’s policies, the majority of people support the principles of Ronald Reagan. His policies were a silver lining for us in the fight against the Left. They came back to say, “Look, all of our bases are all under our control. We don’t even need Republicans anymore. Just look at Clinton. We don’t need Republicans. Look at George Bush. Look at Ronald Reagan. Look at Bill Clinton.”