RIDING TIDE: Many cities will suffer negative growth for the first time ever, economists say. If anti-immigrant sentiment takes hold in Europe, migrants will be on a “scarcely-available-for-survival” state.

MAYOR JOHN MAYERS, A LANDMARK DEAL IS SIGNIFICANT AND CLEAR WIN FOR EUROPEANS: “There is a phenomenal opportunity for Europe to benefit from this agreement. The sanctions are the closest we will ever be to achieving a trade deal with Russia. It’s just the end of so many years of conflict and misunderstanding.”

REACTION TO EUROPE: “Europe moves in the opposite direction, in the opposite direction to the United States, in the direction of Russia. It is a terrible thing. It’s a horrible thing to deal with in terms of international relations. Russia has a cynical ambition to dominate the European Union, not the other way around.”

PARISIAN PEOPLE FACE FUTURE ECONOMIC INEFFECTIVENESS: The government is cutting the number of young people who can receive public education, even as it gives high-end jobs to the aged:

Expectations are plummeting as the early promise of Macron’s presidency is proving illusory. Few Europeans share his vision of how the world will be transformed — and they are rushing to adopt the Kremlin’s visions.

In the six months since he became president, the French capital’s quality of life has deteriorated precipitously, analysts say. Violent crime is up. Infrastructure is deteriorating. Paris has failed to make a dent in a high-speed rail bottleneck. And in the economic sphere, officials say, average French households are richer than ever. But there’s no real gain in wages for the majority of the population. Prices in many cities are now higher than they were before the referendum.